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Knife Sharpening

Need knives sharpened? Whether its a kitchen knife, everyday beater or high end production or custom bring it in and I'll put a razor sharp edge on it!

Knives can be sharpened while you wait or you can drop them off and pick them up on the way home. Blades are sharpened using a variety of low speed 1x30 belts; factors considered when sharpening include edge condition, edge geometry, blade grind, and type of steel.


Need a scope bore sighted? Bring your rifle or muzzle loader by and drop it off, we'll do our best to have it back to you asap.


Review: Trijicon HD Night Sights

A set of Trijicon HD Sights were installed on my trusty Glock 23. Initial impressions are good overall- the large, yellow front sight front sight (also available in orange) is very easy to pick up as the pistol comes up and on target. The large, oversized "U" channeled rear sight just seems to follow the front into alignment on target. Target acquisition overall is excellent. My only real beef is the rear sight is fairly tall, and has some sharp edges on it, and would scratch the inner part of my arm. Two things helped somewhat: I moved my holster slightly forward on my belt, and used a fine ceramic stone to take the edge off the top areas on the sight. User experience in this regard will vary with the pistol and manner of carry. Overall, I like em!






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