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Transfer Fee is $35

Transfer fee will increase to $40 on Feb 1, 2018

plus $20 for each additional firearm


Nashville Sporting Arms Transfer Policy

•    Transfer Fee is $35 - this includes $10 TICS fee- $40 as of 2/1/18

•   Customer should contact us PRIOR to firearm being shipped. NSA reserves the right to refuse delivery of shipments/transfers not on our transfer log.

•    FFL transfers are accepted for US citizens who are residents of Tennessee; Your DL or HCP should show current residence- ID must be drivers license or carry permit only

We reserve the right to approve or reject any/all firearm transfers at our discrection

•    We will need the following information:

o    Your name and phone #

o    FFL information (from shipping dealer)- email and phone #

o    Firearm type and auction/order #

•    We currently accept incoming transfers from both FFL’s & individuals.

o    Individuals should provide a legible copy drivers’ license or state-issued identification card with the firearm(s)- after acquisition the copy of shippers DL will be shredded. The firearm will not be processed without this information.

o    The sender should include a basic invoice that includes name and contact information for the buyer/transferee; firearms should always be sent adult signature required

•    We will not send a copy of our FFL to non-licensed individuals. Validity and conformation of NSA shipping address can be checked using the ATF FFL EZ Check - enter NSA FFL # 1-62-04774

•    NSA is not responsible for any damage, loss or theft incurred during shipping. All shipping logistics and payment transactions are the responsibility of the buyer and seller.

•    All federal, state and local laws must be observed: Any indication or request to deviate from this will result in termination of the transfer.

•    In order to take possession of the firearm, the customer must successfully complete ATF form 4473

•    If a transfer recipient is denied an appeal should be filed. The only response through which a firearm will be transferred is “Approved”. If denied it is the responsibility of the purchaser to have the firearm returned. Any firearm left in our possession longer than 90 days from receipt will become store inventory and will be sold.

•    Notification from the shipper that your firearm has arrived does not mean it is ready for pickup. Depending on store volume it may take 24-48 hrs to process an incoming transfer. Every effort will be made to process your firearm asap.

•    We do not process/ship outbound transfers

•    We do not accept transfers from Cheaper Than Dirt- don’t ask. We will refuse delivery of any package sent by them.


We are working hard to improve the selection of rifles, shotguns and handguns both new and used from a wide variety of manufacturers. Can't find what you're looking for? Have a specific gun in mind? Not a problem! Come in and we are glad to take the time and track down the firearm you have in mind. We currently offer layaway up to 60 days on select inventory items, ask for details













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